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What if the Giza Plateau began as a 700′ Butte, Mount Giza, rather than the remaining 200′ Plateau? How, then, would you build the Great Pyramids, and what impact might this have on Humanity’s history? The apparent answers are just as astounding as the questions.

(**9/11/14, entering the sixth year of this work, the first publishable volume is nearing completion. Stay tuned. Share your ideas and feedback.)

Can one simple idea rewrite Humanity’s history? What’s behind the mystery of Giza? Was Plato’s Atlantis real, Lemuria? Explore Ancient Egyptian culture, mythology, technology, and the mountain of facts, hypotheses, theories, and science behind humanity’s greatest architectural and engineering accomplishment.

Investigate precisely how the Great Pyramids would have been built, who constructed them, when they were built, and why? You knew this day would come.

Discover the apparent function and purpose for every chamber, shaft, door, gallery, passage, and design element, along with a revolutionary perspective the offers new origins for Heaven, the Ankh, the Obelisk, eastern mortuary complexes and false doors, Ezekiel’s vision, ascension beliefs, afterlife, mummification, global pyramid construction, and many of our modern social, religious, and political constructs. When the beginning changes, everything changes.

From Thoth to Hermes, Napoleon to Newton, Cayce to Hawass, Lehner, and Houdin, Khufu and the Dynastic Pharaohs to Blavatsky, Hitler, the Illuminati, Moses and the Freemasons, no other riddle has baffled Mankind like the Great Pyramids of Giza and the quest for Atlantis, to mention nothing of the Mayan calendar, 2012, and the long prophesied apocalypse (unveiling).

Was there a coverup and conspiracy? What secrets are hidden in plain sight? What can Washington D.C., the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Institute, and the Lincoln Memorial tell us of our shared past and future? Will God inspire science, or will science disprove Man’s written Gods?

Stay informed, get involved, be inspired! “There is no darkness, but ignorance.” William Shakespeare.

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Hemi, David Anthony Hemstock

The following is a short list of evidence attribution, functionality, and conclusions suggested within Mount Giza-The Shaft Build:

Click to enlarge-MG1, Section Cut, Complete

“Grand Gallery” function and purpose.

The “air shafts” function and purpose.

The Great Step and southern notched wall of the “ante-chamber” wearing cause.

The “Sub-terranean Chamber” and its “well” function and purpose.

The “Dead End Shaft” function and purpose.

The “Well Shaft” and it’s entry into the “Grand Gallery” function and purpose.

The granite weights in the “Ascending Passageway” function and purpose.

Click to Enlarge Image

The “Bench Notches” function and purpose.

The “East Wall Niche” function and purpose.

The “Grand Gallery’s wall notch” function and purpose.

The damage to the “King’s Chamber” walls and ceiling cause.

The heating evidence in the “Grand Gallery” cause.

The Granite Boss in the “Ante-Chamber” function and purpose.

The southern notched wall in the “Ante-Chamber” function and purpose.

The carbon deposits at the “King’s Chamber air vents” cause.

The scorching of the ceiling in the “Grand Gallery” cause.

The trough in the “Descending Passage” floor function and purpose.

The “Central Axis Chamber” function and purpose.

The Plateau’s southwestern alteration line cause.

The intention of the geodetic mathematical conveyances of the Great Pyramid.

The function and purpose of the chambers in “Menkaure’s” pyramid.

Achieving complete stone mobility to the highest reaches of the structures.

Contributing factors to the Sphinx erosion.

Exclusion of the 4th Dynasty as the builders of “MG1, MG2, and MG3″.

Correlation and causality suggesting every other global pyramidal structure began with exposure to/or knowledge of “MG1, MG2, and MG3.”

Cause and origin of the Obelisk.

Cause and origin of east facing false doors, burial ceremonies, and mummification.

Tangibility of the Isis and Osiris mythology’s plot and characters to likely actual events.

Cause and origin of ascension belief systems.

Cause and origin of the Ankh, Crook, Djed Pillar, Sun Disc, Flail, and several other symbols of Egyptian iconography.

That’s quite a list!  Much more awaits your thoughtful consideration.  Welcome to Mount Giza!  Reader beware, historical, intellectual, and spiritual comforts may experience slight disruption throughout.

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